Day 1 - Tues 31st May

0815 to 0900


Session 1: MC Dr. Len Sciacca

0900 to 0930

Dr. Len Sciacca, (Chief Science Partnerships and Engagement DST Group ), Next generation Technologies, the defence White paper and Symposium Overview

0930 to 1020

Dr. Gerry Borsuk (Associate Director of Research Systems, NRL, USA), Dr. Tom Reinecke (Dr. Tom Reinecke is the Senior Scientist for Nanoelectronics and Head of the Quantum Effects and Modeling Section at NRL), & Dr. Craig Hoffman (Superintendent of the Optical Sciences Division at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory), via VTC, Quantum information technology at the US Naval Research Laboratory and the Quantum Science and Engineering Program of the three US Service Laboratories

1020 to 1045

Morning Tea

Session 2:

1045 to 1145

Prof. Michelle Simmons, (Dir., Ctr. Quantum Computation & Communication Tech., UNSW) & Prof. Lloyd Hollenberg (Dep. Dir., Ctr. Quantum Computation & Communication Tech., Univ. Melb.), Creating a quantum information ecosystem in Australia

1145 to 1245

Prof. Andrew White (Acting. Dir., Ctr. Engineered Quantum Systems, Univ. Qld), Prof. David Reilly (Chief Investigator, Ctr. Engineered Quantum Systems, Univ. Sydney) & Prof. Andre Doherty (Chief Investigator, Ctr. Engineered Quantum Systems, Univ. Sydney), Engineered quantum systems: principles and applications.

1245 to 1340


Session 3:

1340 to 1410

Dr. Cathy Foley (Dep. Dir. & Science Director Manufacturing Flagship, CSIRO), CSIRO’s development of superconducting quantum devices

1410 to 1440

Prof. Andre Luiten (Dir., Institute of Photonics & Advanced Sensing, Univ. Adel.), New Spectroscopic Protocols for Unravelling Complex Spectra

1440 to 1510

Prof. John Close (Head Quantum Sensors and laser group, ANU), Precision Inertial Navigation with cold atoms and atom lasers

1510 to 1540

Afternoon Tea

Session 4:

1540 to 1600

Mr. Dilan Rajasingham (Executive Manager, Tech. Innovation Strategy, Transformation & Governance Enterprise Services, Comm. Bank), Quantum Computing capturing out imagination

1600 to 1620

Mr Shaun Wilson (CEO Shaol), Mr. Duncan Fletcher (CTO Shoal, QxBranch) & Mr. Dan Padilha (Systems Engineer at Shoal, QxBranch), Taking a Systems Engineering Approach to Quantum Computing Software

1620 to 1640

Mr. Robert Wilson (CTO, Westpac), Quantum Technology in Financial Services

1640 to 1700

Dr. Vikram Sharma (CEO, QuintessenceLabs), Towards Enduring Trust: A journey from the Lab to Market-Leading Cyber Security solutions

Session 5: Poster Session

1700 to 1900

Poster Session


Close day 1


Dinner (No-host)

Day 2 - Wed 1st June

0815 to 0900


Session 6:

0900 to 0950

Prof. Neil Stansfield (Technical Strategy Lead, Knowledge, Innovation, & Futures Enterprise, Defence Science & Technology Laboratory, UK), The UK Ministry of Defence Quantum Technologies Programme

0950 to 1020

Dr. Hugh Bradlow (Chief Scientist, Telstra), Why is a telco interested in quantum computers?

1020 to 1045

Morning Tea

Session 7:

1045 to 1105

Prof. Rob Scholten (Mog-labs), Australian industry, quantum and classical

1105 to 1125

Mr. Terry Stevenson (CTO Raytheon Australia), Quantum Technology Applications in Raytheon

1125 to 1145

Prof. Russell Boyce (ADFA – Director UNSW Canberra Space), UNSW Canberra Space - the capability for in-orbit S&T, including quantum technologies

1145 to 1240


Session 8:

1240 to 1310

Prof. Mike Tobar (Frequency and Quantum Metrology Research Group, UWA), Precision Measurement, Sensing and Frequency Metrology: Tools for Future Technologies and New Tests of Fundamental Physics

1310 to 1340

Prof. Ping Koy Lam, (Work Package Leader & Program Manager, Ctr. Quantum Computation & Communication Tech., ANU), Extending QKD beyond the city radius & Laser levitation for sensing

1340 to 1440

Panel session : Fostering development and commercialisation of quantum technologies

1440 to 1510

Afternoon Tea

Session 9: Lab Visits

1515 to 1720

Lab Visits


Close day 2